Paws and Effects

Mutual Understanding Starts Here


Group Classes

We have a variety of obedience classes ranging from puppy through to advanced obedience. But don't stop there! We have lots of fun classes that motivate you and your dog to work and learn together. Most classes are available online and in small groups outside.

Dog Enjoying Campfire

Day Camp

We take your dog for the day to work with them and play with them. At the end of the day we work with you and your dog to help you maintain and build on the skills they've learned. Then we either do it again or we turn you loose to maintain the training on your own.

Girl with Her Dog

Virtual Services

Through virtual training we can work through strategies and cues where you and your dog are at your best, right in your own home. Through Zoom, emails, calls and other online services, we can make it happen for you and your best friend. Virtual services are available for group or private training.

Black Dog

Behaviour Consulting

Want to learn about science-based animal training while solving problems with your own pet?

If your answer is yes, then you should consider a behaviour consulting package.

Behaviour Consulting focuses on understanding your pet within the context of its blend of attitude, background, personality, surroundings, and relationships while building the best possible partnership with your pet.

This service is available through remote training, in person training or a combination of both.

Image by Muhammad Abdullah


From toy making to leash pulling, we usually have something in the loop for you to do with your dog. 

Most of our workshops are online in the current climate but in some ways that makes the experience better!

Work with a calm dog, get your treats, leashes, coffee (or wine!) ready. Wear you jammies if you want and get ready to learn endplay with your best pal!


Specific struggles? No problem!

Workshops are a fast and fun way to stretch your understanding of your dog's view of life. Workshops are available in person and online. Check out the current offerings. Bundle them for more fun and more savings!

Walking with Dogs

Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge

How sexy are you?

This challenge is run through Absolute Dogs for 25 days of fun games that help your dog disengage from the environment and focus on you. There's a ton of great information and every day you get a new 3 minute game to play with your dog. 

This holiday season will be a little different, why not spend it playing fun games and getting a huge boost in optimism.