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School Was Never so Much Fun!

Our workshops are short and fun forays into some of the struggles we have with our furry family members. We provide information, games, and concepts to take away and work with. Workshops can be online, in person (when permitted) or a combination of the two.


Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge

$56.50 (tax incl) limited time avail.

This online challenge is run for a limited time at a huge discount through Absolute Dogs. Welcome to 25 days of fun games that help your dog disengage from the environment and focus on you! The challenge can go back to full price at any time at the discretion of Absolute Dogs. Grab it while you can!


There's a LOT of great information and every day you get a new 3 minute game to play with your dog. 

You can begin any time and the program is self-paced. As soon as you sign up, I'll be sending you links to the online program, and to the STAS Facebook page.

Let's deal with that naughty squirrel!

It's About the Jumping Up!

$60 + taxes


Why does your dog launch herself at you and others?

This type of behaviour is common with some breeds and most puppies. Over time it becomes a nuisance behaviour, and can be dangerous when it happens with children or anyone unsteady on their feet. 

So what can you do about it?

Join us for a 2 hour workshop where we go through the why's and how to's about jumping up.

You'll take home a workbook, and lots of information to help you while you train/re-train your dog to keep four on the floor.

Yes Pleae!
Taking the dog for a walk

Strings Attached!

$45.20 taxes included Jan 16, 10am

A quick tour of the different reasons we may have a pulling machine on the end of the leash and a quick start guide to reeling it in.

Save your elbows, rotator cuff, and even more important your relationship with your pal!

Your new, improved relationship starts with a click.

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