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Walking with Dogs

All about Lorna

Sharing your home with an animal can be a dream or a nightmare. Making sure your pet is well trained will give both of you more time to enjoy each other’s company. My modern training system is full of fun techniques that will give you and your pet a happier life together. I have a strong science background and a houseful of my own pets that co-exist. Each with their own special personalities!


Paws and Effects Pet Training was founded in 2012, and I have developed a very special relationship with my clients in Kemptville. I believe that being firm and having a clear set of boundaries is one thing, but I don’t believe that pain or force are helpful (and this is supported by the science). Using a leash is not the only way to teach a pet to work with me. Dogs, and many other animals, are social animals, who enjoy love, choices, and family life. Let’s get them out of the dog house, give them more positive experiences, and turn them into their best selves.

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