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CARO Rally Fun Match

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12:30 - 3:00 pm
248 County Rd. 44 Kemptville


2 Runs each for Novice and advanced. Note that the novice and advanced courses will be nested. - 4 minutes of ring time.

1 run for Versatility - 4 minutes of ring time.

Walk through to familiarise yourself with the course or stations.

Teams will get 4 minutes per novice/advanced run to either attempt the course or train in the ring (or both). A 'judge' can be in the ring if you want the distraction.

The working area is enclosed to permit dogs off leash safely for their run. The area is 70' x 40' with a surface of agility matting.

Dogs must either be leashed or in a crate inside the building. If your dog(s) can be calm in a crate they may be crated inside. Otherwise please car crate them while they wait their turn. 

There will be no formal judging. Maps will be available at the event.

Each run is $10 and must be paid in advance to hold your spot. Registration/waiver forms must be filled out with your run selection at  

CARO Rally Trial

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