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Image by Alison Pang

Ninja Handling

$45.20 taxes included

We all want our dogs to live long and happy lives!

Handling is vital, and training stress free handling is a gift for you, and your dog.

Health care is so incredibly important for maintaining the health and welfare of your dog. Unfortunately it always seems to be a struggle and a huge drain on your relationship with your dog each time you go to the vet or trim your dog's nails!

In this 2 hour workshop we go over the situations that your dog must encounter for grooming, visiting the vet, and all of the home checks we do with our dogs day to day.

We cover games and routines to help your dog become more comfortable with life's health check. curve balls. 

This workshop is great for any dog, but especially for those that are touch sensitive, or puppies that need to learn about being handled calmly.

We have games to teach our dogs almost everything in short 3 minute sessions, and lots of tips for making many situations easier for you and your dog. 

Top up that relationship bank account and prepare to really know your dog through concept and game training!

Some of the topics include nail trims and ear cleaning, muzzle prep, comfortable restraints, shy dogs and rambunctious dogs.

Give yourself a stress free plan!

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