Group Classes

Group classes are six weeks long, one hour per week unless otherwise noted. We run them at various locations in Kemptville and Oxford Mills.The cost $135.60 (taxes included) for MOST six week courses. See the current schedule here or contact us for more information.

Puppy Power

Did you know that you have a really narrow window to teach your puppy his social skills? This class is for puppies starting between 9 and 16 weeks. The puppies learn the basic obedience commands, you learn about the common puppy problems and how to deal with them, and there is always a play/socialization component to the class that is a LOT of fun. Socialization is extremely important for all puppies! Ongoing enrolment so you don’t have to wait!

Consider a Puppy Prep School package if you're a new puppy owner or in the process of getting a new puppy!

Good Dog!

This course is six weeks and is for dogs older than 16 weeks. We teach the basic obedience commands and training concepts in a traditional way, but we also work on building confidence and a great relationship with your dog.


This is a series of classes based on skills. Most dog training offers a curriculum to you on a set day and time, for a certain number of weeks. You may, or may not, get the information and skills you need. Because sometimes life gets in the way. 

Levels offers you the flexibility (multiple classes and times), and the time (take as long as you need to master the skills), to make sure you’ve really ‘got it’. 

This training method has been shown to result in a better trained dog, and a happier human because of it. For more information on the Levels program go to the Levels page. Then contact us for registration information.

Focus Fido!

Do you have one of those dogs that can’t seem to keep it together in class? This four week course is all about focus exercises and drills to teach your problem child just how to pay attention. Lots of games and sharpening your timing. It’s all about focus!

Note: This course is NOT for reactivity or aggression! This is for your overly friendly, overly active, over the top dog.

Rally Fun

Bring your dog along for a whirlwind round of turns, sits, downs and pivots. We start the class with work on a core skill and then we take a turn through a Rally O course to practice the skills while thinking on our feet. Fun for both two and four-legged folks.

Doggone Fit

Stretch, twist, turn and play with your dog. A bit of fitness work for you and the same for your dog. Feel guilty for not working out? Feel guilty for not spending time with your dog? This class is a two-fer!

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