Group Classes

Group classes are six weeks long, one hour per week unless otherwise noted. We run them at Leslie Hall in Kemptville and at Maplewood Hall in Oxford Mills. In the summer we will be doing some work outside. Cost $135.60 (taxes included). See the current schedule here or contact us for more information.

Puppy Power

This class is for puppies starting between 9 and 18 weeks. The puppies learn the basic obedience commands and there is always a play/socialization component to the class. Socialization is extremely important for your puppies!!! Ongoing enrolment.

Consider a Puppy Prep School package if you're a new puppy owner or in the process of getting a new puppy!

Good Dog!

This class is for dogs older than 18 weeks. We teaches the basic obedience commands and training concepts but we also work on building confidence and a great relationship with your dog.

Step It Up!

This class is for dogs older than 18 weeks and takes obedience commands and training concepts to a higher level. Lots of fun and time to ‘play' with your dog, putting your everyday skills and knowledge to the test. You have the foundation, now let’s step it up!

The Nose Knows

Did you know that if your dog could talk, he could tell you all of the ingredients in that stew on the stove? He can pick up on a drop of essential oil in a swimming pool of water? In this class your dog is always right while he searches. The class is indoors and lots of fun for dogs and humans alike. This course is for any dog that is fully vaccinated and able to work on leash in a class environment. 

My Dog Has Class

Come on out and learn to apply the skills you’ve learned with your dog to everyday situations. We do ourselves and our dogs a huge favour by helping them to be the kind of dogs that are welcome everywhere. The C.L.A.S.S program is a series of three levels of increasing difficulty focused on Canine Life And Social Skills. Take it as far as you dare! Visit for more information.

Rally Fun

Bring your dog along for a whirlwind round of turns, sits, downs and pivots. We start the class with work on a core skill and then we take a turn through a Rally O course to practice the skills while thinking on our feet. Fun for both two and four-legged folks.

Doggone Fit

Stretch, twist, turn and play with your dog. A bit of fitness work for you and the same for your dog. Feel guilty for not working out? Feel guilty for not spending time with your dog? This class is a two-fer!

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