Walking with Dogs

Puppy Classes

Start off on the right paw. Or left. Your choice.

Three Big Puppies

Puppy Power

This 6 week course is for the budding teenager with all that implies. The course includes obedience work, problem solving, socialization opportunities, and fun! Don't forget the fun!

All puppies must have proof of at least two sets of core vaccinations prior to starting class.

Puppies at Play

Every task is really a game at heart.

Shiba Inu Puppy

We periodically run open puppy play parties. These are free for our current clients' puppies but are open for others to join.  We restrict the ages and number of the puppies, and require a copy of the pups' current vaccinations and a signed waiver. All puppies must have had at least one set of core vaccines, a week or more prior to attending a Puppies at Play session.

Coming Soon!

Small Terrier

Train with Paws and Effects Pet Training

Results That Last

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