Tricks, Games, and Obstacles Sat. May 21, 3:45 pm

Tricks, Games, and Obstacles Sat. May 21, 3:45 pm

This course is all about building confidence and having fun with your dog. The dogs get so focused on learning and you get all kinds of tools to use on walks, and in every day life.


We do simple tricks and work with basic equipment in this course. Get hooked on playing with your dog! Push it with the nose, cavaletti's for body awareness, Go out and around, paws up! and many more. There are many levels to this course


If you're competetive, titles for Smart Dogs are available from Wag It Games and Trick titles from Do More With your Dog. Titles can be tested for by video submission but this is not necessary for the course. Just come out and play with us!

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    The course is six weeks but we think you'll have so much fun you'll want more! Each class is about an hour. We supply the equipment for the most part. You supply the dog, the rewards, and lots of happy sounds!