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Mutual Understanding Starts Here

Group Obedience through Levels

Science-based, gentle pet training while having fun in a group of like-minded people? If this is what you want your training experience to look like, then consider attending a group obedience class.Work with increasing levels of difficulty within the context of your dog's blend of attitude, background, personality, surroundings, and relationships.

Levels is intended to offer flexibility in learning with your dog. When you're ready to move up a level we'll let you know and you can continue to progress at your own speed. Not quite ready? Stay at a level until you're comfortable.

$180 + HST for each 6 week block of class time.


We strive for a harmonious and fun learning environment for everyone.

In person group classes are too difficult for dogs that bark excessively or that have difficulty focusing in close quarters with other dogs or humans.

We can still help!

Get some fun, focusing basics down at home first, THEN we can work on the dogs, people, and strange places much more easily!

Our group classes are not intended for humans that aren't ready to work with, and not against, their dogs.

Contact us for suggestions on other learning options for you and your best buddy so everyone can learn in the best possible environment.

Level 1 Obedience

Cute Happy Dog

This is where we really begin! You and your dog have a good response to your dog's name, a good sit, and a beginning down. As a team you learn:  

  • Hand signals and verbal signals for the basic body positions.

  • The beauty of the place cue

  • How to cope with distractions.

  • How distance and duration training affect everything!

  • All about leashes, equipment, and walking with your dog.

  • Fun things you can do with drop it, leave it and take it.

  • Recall basics.

  • Lots more!


Level 2 Obedience

Prerequisite: Level 1 or equivalent

Take your learning to the next level for more consistency, faster responses, and higher levels of distraction. Know what to ask of your pal in everyday life.

  • Combinations of hand signals and verbal signals for the basic body positions.

  • How to cope with more distractions.

  • Training for distance and duration stays.

  • Loose leash walking without coercion. Beginning heel work.

  • Social distractions (people and dogs) and how to handle them.

  • Solid recall principles.

  • Beginning off leash work.

Level 3 Obedience

Animal Rescue and Care

Prerequisite Level 2 or equivalent

Work with your dog on dealing with the world at large. You have the basics down and are working towards that rock solid dog.

  • Learn how to encourage calm social interactions

  • Heel on request from a variety of positions and through a variety of patterns

  • Extensive off leash

  • Targeted recall

  • Solid stays

  • Object fetch

  • Opposite side work

  • Distance work

It's a new....Dog!

You're not sure you're ready for class yet?

We can help you if:

You don't know where to begin in choosing the right dog.

You have a new-to-you teenage or adult dog in your home.

You've adopted a dog that has come from special circumstances and you need a starting point.

It's just been a really long time since you've had a dog and you want to start off right!

Get ready for the next steps as we help you get the very best information before you take the leap to regular classes.

This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn what you need for your dog to successfully integrate with your family.

This service is offered online and/or in person where possible to make it flexible for you.

Contact us for information on how we can help.