Behaviour Help

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This is for the client that needs specific help with solving problems at home. Potty problems, leash walking, reactivity on leash, separation anxiety, and more. This type of consulting may be short and sweet or extend over several sessions depending on the severity of the issue and your availability to do the work to help your dog overcome the behaviour.

Contact us with some details and we'll figure it out together.

Day Camps- You, Me, and the dog

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We do the foundation work with your dog. We'll pick your dog up and take him with us for a few hours to work on the problems you're seeing, or the skills you need. We'll lay the groundwork and give you our feedback. Then we go over what we did, why we did it, and how you carry on the training to keep it solid.

You'll have your buddy home with you at night. Let us do a little of the heavy lifting while your pup keeps his routine with you.

You, Me, and the Dog programs are available for issues like leash reactivity, loose leash walking, learning to settle, basic cues, recall, and many more. Use the contact form to chat with us about what we can do.

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Every dog is reactive. Otherwise they'd be comatose. Some reactions are acceptable to us, like wagging tails, but some simply are not. If your dog has reactions to things that concern you let us help you assess and sort through the issue.