Behaviour Consulting

This is for the client that needs specific help with solving problems at home. Potty problems, leash walking, reactivity on leash, separation anxiety, and more. This type of consulting may be short and sweet or extend over several sessions depending on the severity of the issue and your ability to do the work to help your dog overcome the behaviour.

Contact us with some details and we'll figure it out together.

Day Camp

We do the foundation work with your dog. We'll pick your dog up and take him with us for a few hours to work on the problems you're seeing. We'll lay the groundwork and give you our feedback. Then we spend an hour with you to go over what we did, why we did it, and how you carry on the training to keep it solid.

This is NOT a board and train. You'll have your buddy home with you at night.


Do behaviours like barking, lunging, and growling describe your dog? We can help you with either day camp or one-on-one training to understand your dog's triggers and how to work with him to make the world a better place.

If your dog has bitten other dogs or humans we have specialized information for you.



Kemptville Ontario Canada

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