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Play is the highest form of research ~ Albert Einstein

The majority of our fun classes are run through Wag It Games. They're specialized for pet dog people and are completely non-coercive and all about teamwork with your best furry pal! Titles are available and many can be obtained through video trials.  We can do a lot of the courses through video as well. Bring on the fun!

The Wag It Sampler Pack

$113 taxes included

This is a four week course focusing on a different dog sport each week. Not all dogs play the same way or enjoy the same things. This is your opportunity to try some things and find out where you and your dog shine!

  • Week 1 features Shadow games

  • Week 2 features Smart dogs

  • Week 3 is Sniff It games

  • Week 4 is about ball games


Shadow Games


Shadow Skills are about working through a series of exercises that focus on fun heeling patterns, the occasional trick or obstacle, and side changes. Training a heel with focus doesn't need to be boring repetition. You can also use shadow  skills exercises to spice up your walks anywhere you go. Different levels of difficulty and titles for your dog are part of the program to keep every set of parters engaged.  Classes are six weeks and available online.

Smart Dog Games


Smart Dogs love puzzles and movement and figuring things out. In these classes we use obstacles to push your pal's boundaries safely, build confidence, and all at your own speed. From platforms, to jumps, to scooters. All kinds of stress-free fun!

There are several levels of Smart Dog Games and titles can be achieved through video or in person trials. Course are six weeks and currently available by video.

Bring it!

Image by Jamie Street

Sniff It


A dog's sense of smell is often thousands of times better than ours.  It's their most important sense and they have a much larger portion of their brain dedicated to  deciphering scents. Walking a dog and permitting them to smell things along the way is enriching for them. Sniff It games harness the dog's sense of smell in a fun way for both handler and dog. 

This class is all about the dogs as they do work we simply can't.  Watch them shine!

Six week courses. Different levels. Trials and titles are available.

Get ready to trust your dog.

Ball Games

$169 taxes included

Ball games teach focus, positioning, targeting, and generally keep your dog focused on you. Talk your dog through herding the ball in all directions until you score! 

Have fun with your dog in a different way. This incorporates working your dog from a bit of a distance through voice and hand cues. 

Go team!

Six week classes. Currently available by video.

Image by bennett luo
Brown Dogs


$113 taxes included

This is a four week course where we take it on the road. from forest trails to rural roads, to subdivisions to busy streets. Each dog will find different challenges in different environments. Work on your leash skills and learn to deal with your dog's triggers and uncertainties.



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