Private Training

Our private services include (but are not limited to) the following. For information on a particular service click on the link below.

problem solving

puppy prep school or adoption advantage

walk and train

day camp

All training can be done privately. We understand oddball schedules and a lack of time! We can run a full training course with you or work with you on a single problem. 

Private training is an ideal way to train a dog that is too uncomfortable to work in a class environment. This type of training is focused only on you and your dog so it progresses much more quickly towards your specific goals.

Sometimes life prevents you from making it to a regular group class but you want the structure and instruction to make your training successful. We'll come to you on your schedule and make it happen.

Got a single issue that you need to address? Usually it can be resolved with a session or two.

We can work with your dog separately or we can help you work with your dog.

Contact us for information and to tell us about your dog.

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