Get better results with Levels Training!

Never underestimate the time it takes or the skills needed to be a great pet dog. Being a pet dog is one of the hardest jobs in today’s crazy world!

Levels Training is based on skills and confidently learning skills in the correct order, at a pace that makes sense for each owner/dog team.

We do this by offering packages of training time rather than teaching a set course. This training experience is geared towards adding to you and your dog's skill sets, based on your level when you start training.

This means that you are not spending time and money learning skills you might already know and you can focus on learning new things. Or you can also take the time you need to conquer skills that are new or might be difficult for your dog.

You can start at any time because classes are ongoing. Take one class a week or three—the choice is yours; we work at your pace.

Learn the basic obedience cues.
We give you the tools and information you need to deal confidently work with your dog.
This level won’t take you long but it’s so important for you and your dog!
First Steps! gets you and your dog off on the right paw.

In Level 2 we work on leash walking, recall, and stay which are the foundation skills of all other training. Skills learned in First Steps are polished and perfected. Distractions are introduced to challenge your team and improve your skills in many situations. This level is also packed full of information and ideas on how to improve your relationship with your dog and how to incorporate the skills you have learned into everyday life.

Your dog is ready to work and  play; hard! We’ll test your understanding of all of the things you've learned so far.
By this Level you have polished the basics but there’s still lots to do!
This level introduces; distance and duration work, interactions with dogs, people, and the environment. There are rules to keep you and your dog safe in today’s hectic world; learn what they are and how to follow them reliably. Safe Landing! ensures that you're well on your way to a great family dog.

This is YOUR class. We continue to work on the components that make your dog a great canine citizen. If you have a particular problem you need to solve we’ll work on it here. We’ll also take it on the road from time to time to test your training skills in the real world. Polish, practice, but above all have fun with your dog! The Sky’s the Limit with the work and techniques in this class.

Levels Pricing

We work at your pace; sign up for a short refresher course or go for the long haul.
If you need to spend more time mastering a particular skill we will work together
until you are satisfied and the skill mastered.

Duration: 8 Weeks/Sessions
Instructor: Lorna Mitchell
Cost: $175.00 (tx inc.)

Duration: 16 Weeks/Sessions
Instructor: Lorna Mitchell
Cost: $325.00 (tx inc.)
Savings: $25.00 off the regular price.

Duration: 24 Weeks/Sessions
Instructor: Lorna Mitchell
Cost: $450.00 (tx inc.)
Savings: $75.00 off the regular price.
Bonus: Save 10% on any other PNE Class!
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