Lorna's career in dog training began after adopting a dog with behaviour issues. She tried various classes to no avail, eventually going to a behaviour specialist. While that was helpful, it pointed out how much there was to know and also how much was wrong in the available literature.

Taking matters into her own hands, she enrolled in a trainer’s course to learn everything she could to help her own dogs. Along the way, she discovered that she enjoyed helping the dogs and their people. She completed her apprenticeship through Forever Friends (now TAG Training and Educational Centre), and began offering classes. That initial apprenticeship taught her a lot about dog behaviour, and she’s applied it with her own dogs and the dogs she works with.

Always looking for more insight and different approaches, she took a second course in dog training through the Ottawa Canine School where she learned more about the current science of training dogs and teaching people. Although knowing the science is necessary, being able to explain and apply the science is vital. Everything in both human and dog behaviour science points to training, with respect, as the ideal way to go. And though the world isn’t always ideal, Lorna works to make training as fun, challenging, and productive as possible.

Her current focus is on accountability from dog and human teams. Most training systems simply require that people show up. Her methods require commitment so that training actually happens to the benefit of the dogs and their people.

Lorna's ultimate goal is to use training to develop the respectful and fun relationship that leads to a great dog.

Lorna’s current projects include sitting on the board of North Grenville Dog Parks Inc., continuously researching and developing training courses, and learning how to deliver video content. She offers a free walking program during the better weather called the Tail Waggin’.

In her off time Lorna can be found with her pets, family, and friends doing everyday things.


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