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Does your dog do things that drive you crazy?

Are you welcoming a new puppy or rescue into your home?

Are you looking for customized training?

Do you want a well behaved dog?

We can help!


This six week course is intended to start puppies between 9 and 16 weeks on the road to becoming great dogs. Owners will learn viatal puppy information and socialization techniques. Puppies will learn obedience cues and spend quality time playing with other puppies.

A six week course for dogs that need a refresher or for humans that just want to learn the basics. We cover the starting obedience principles and cues to get you on your way to a good dog!

This is the best option for those dogs that can't tolerate a class environment or for people that can't make it to class during regular hours. This is also the option to take when you have one or two doggy problems to work on but your dog is otherwise wonderful!

A system of four stages of obedience and relationship building with your dog. Move at your own pace. Levels is available at multiple times 8 week blocks to make it easy for you to train when you can. Move through the levels from the very first steps in training through to advanced techniques where the sky is the limit!

This is for the dog that can't focus in a regular class. We teach you games and techniques to help your dog focus on you so he can learn and grow. This is not an obedience class although some obedience cues may be used.
NOT for dogs that are aggressive or reactive to other dogs or people.

Learn to move with your dog and let him stretch and play while you do the same. This is a great bonding opportunity and gets you and your dog up and moving.
Six weeks of doggone fun!

Rally obedience is the fun cousin to regular obedience training. Learn to navigate a course of obedience pitfalls with your dog while having a great time. We work on a skill, then we take it onto the floor. Six weeks of pivots, spirals, and occasional confusion...

Dog must know the basic obedience cues of sit and down, and be able to walk on a leash without excessive pulling.

Come walk with us on Saturday mornings Spring to Fall. It's loose leash walking practice, exercise, and socialization time for the two and four footed alike. Tips and tricks for free! We meet at 8:00a.m. at Brewed Awakenings on County Road 43 and walk for an hour or so in the Ferguson Forest.

Photo of Tail Waggin' participants enjoying a walk in Ferguson Forest, Kemptville, ON
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